Top 7 Fiesta Party Ideas Save on Crafts

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with bright colors and a tropical texture. This glorious Latin party falls at the peak of summer and warm weather, perfect for alfresco dining, hanging out, or dance parties. These decorations are vibrant and full of life, bringing an exciting touch to your party.

Top 7 Fiesta Party Ideas Save on Crafts


Incorporate the dishonest beauty of the desert with this succulent terrarium landscape. For this Cinco de Mayo table decoration, partially fill glass vases and glass terrariums with polished stones, and place different succulent flowers on top. Incorporate pillar candles surrounded by solo flowers in your display to light up your party while staying at night.


Papel picado garlands are traditional Mexican banners reserved to adorn special occasions. You can recreate this patio party look with paper banners and colorful paper flowers. For the decorations of the Cinco de Mayo party in the patio, create a festive atmosphere by placing confetti on the cantilever or pergola of your patio. Then place coral, blue, yellow, and purple tissue paper pom poms on the fishing line to suspend them from the ceiling or beams. With these vivid decorations adorning your ceiling, you can celebrate the day in style.


This simple display is bursting with playful creativity and will be the talk of your backyard party. This Cinco de Mayo party decoration incorporates a touch of spices and Latin color. To imitate this eye-catching display, start with a handful of clean, empty cans of Mexican pepper and sauce. Then fill the cans with sand or rocks to stabilize them. Secure succulents and cacti in the sand, creating the look of potted plants. Arrange your plants on a picnic table or retaining wall. Finish this look by hanging a mini confetti banner in front of your table.


Highlight Mexican flavors and cultures with this idea of ​​the Cinco de Mayo party. Lime is a popular condiment in Latin dishes and will add a sweet accent to your party decor. Emulate this spicy look by filling large cylindrical glass vases with half and whole limes, and pouring water over the top to increase its delicious color. Then place a floating white candle over each vase filled with water and citrus. Group some of these vases in the middle of a table, perhaps on top of a square of abaca fiber. Put some votive candles in the headlines around their green towers, completing your display.


For an earthy, sun-drenched look, use the warm colors celebrated in Mexican art and decor. This hearty centerpiece is the perfect decoration for the Cinco de Mayo party, especially for a backyard barbecue party. For this look, use a vibrant serape blanket as a tablecloth. Place a golden square charger plate in the center of the table and place a terracotta pot on the plate. Fill the pot with a natural touch of red, yellow, and red flowers, such as sunflowers, poppies, lilies, and daisies. Finish your exquisite centerpiece by placing bell peppers, oranges, tomatillos, and chili peppers around the base of the pot.


For a non-traditional twist on Mexican colors and textures, try a neutral, earthy decorative scheme. For this arid Cinco de Mayo party decorating idea, place a table runner on your farm table as a thick base. Next, place a pair of crystal hurricane candle holders in the center of your table and fill them with white pillar candles. Decorate your candles with clusters of preserved moss around the base, and wrap a grape branch around the body of each candle. Then, put a few fake potted cacti on the table and finish off the look with angel vine balls and dried walnut pods.


Add an interesting look to your party lighting with a splash of bright colors. For this cheery Cinco de Mayo party look, start with lacy metal lanterns in different sizes. Spray each lantern with bright neon colors, like orange and pink. Once the lanterns are dry, place them on a table or shelf, along with vases and glass bottles filled with yellow flowers. This tropical vignette will look wonderful on a side table or kitchen island.