10 Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas Inspired by Papel Picado

Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or looking for ideas for summer-themed parties, grab the decorating cues from the beautiful hues of Mexico. Our guide to planning a Cinco de Mayo celebration is flourishing with trends and traditions. All the colors of intricate paper garlands, or “confetti,” are on your palette as you create an amazing taco bar, tasty daisy recipes to talk about, and DIY decorating that’s exclusively for you!

10 Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas Inspired by Papel Picado

Idea 1: Try the new slate trend

A taco bar is all about options, so use a sign to share everything on the menu. The trend for this year’s chalkboard is cursive letters, and you can create this stylish look with chalkboard markers from a craft store. Create DIY fabric flowers in warm colors to match the “confetti” theme.

Idea 2: Keep your options open with a topping tray

The beauty of having a taco bar is that everyone can choose their favorite extras. A metal tray filled with ice with glass jars speaks to the rustic trend. Label your spicy sauces to make it clear which one is smooth and include pickled jalapeños as an interesting option.

Idea 3: Hang your hat on hats for a wall decoration

Displaying hat hats for decorations at your Cinco de Mayo celebration is a unique way to add color, texture, and authenticity to your party room. With plastic hooks and ropes or fishing line, you can decorate with a handful in a nice arrangement, or a floor-to-ceiling grouping that fills a larger wall space.

Idea 4: use serape blankets to set the scene

To make your Cinco de Mayo party rich in tradition, fold a thin serape lengthwise to create a runner, layer sheets on plain colored tablecloths, or wrap them as you would a tablecloth. Use thicker serapes on the backs of the chairs.

Idea 5: Get creative with flower arrangements.

Look for colorful cans of enchiladas and sauces at the market and fill them with flowers in dark shades like yellow, purple, brick red, and marigold. Mix dried and succulent flowers and then gift your creations to your guests.

Idea 6: a smart way to start the buffet

Inside or outside, this idea keeps your cutlery perfectly exposed in style. Create these sweet little packages in green, yellow, and red by placing colorful and white napkins and tying them with a curly ribbon. Tuck them in a hat and add a tissue paper flower to make your Cinco De Mayo buffet table really blossom.

Idea 7: sweet ways to play with the cactus theme

Cactus parties are trending and this is the perfect icon to inspire your Cinco Mayo party desserts. A pale pink ombre cake is perfect when adding playful plants, from prickly and succulent artificial cacti to dried flowers in rich, dark tones. Complete the dessert display with cactus cupcakes and a tray of tropical fruits to complement the cake – think papaya, limes, and prickly pear.

Idea 8: impress with sweet cactus flowers

Have a bakery create these amazingly realistic cupcakes and display them in clay pots. Galvanized metal trays add a rustic and modern tone to your Cinco de Mayo event and pair well with brightly colored themed plates.

Idea 9: Essential elements for an elegant beverage station.

Go beyond what was expected with a new version of the Margarita bar. Add breezy style to your Cinco de Mayo celebration with curated accents like cake stands, cactus and palm plants, accent pineapples, metal trays, serapes, and layered fabrics in muted tones. Stock the bar with tequila bottles, a mini plate of salt, beverage dispensers, clear glasses, drink napkins, straws, as well as skewers and sliced ​​fruit for garnish.

Idea 10: Relax and relax with a kick

Play with jalapeño peppers of all colors to create this snack margarita. Combine in a shaker or blender: 4 cups pineapple juice, 1 cup tequila, ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice, 1 tablespoon. freshly squeezed orange juice, 1/2 cup Cointreau or other orange liqueur, 2 teaspoons light agave syrup, and ½ a seedless jalapeño cut into thin, round slices. (For a stronger kick, let the jalapeño slices sit in tequila for an hour.) Glasses of Salt: Rub the tires with lime and dip them in coarse salt. Serve: Fill glasses ¾ filled with ice and pour. Garnish with pineapple slices, lemon slices, and pepper slices.